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——Quinacridone Magenta  —-


 PR122- Quinacridone Magenta 

Lightfast rating: very good to excellent 


Quinacridone Magenta is a semi-transparent and powerful bluish red with an impressive mixing range. It makes an excellent glazing color and is one of the bluest of the Quinacridone colors. The pigment's properties vary considerably, depending on how it is ground. Quinacridone pigments have relatively low tinting strength in general. For this reason, quinacridone colors are often expensive, because more pigment is required in the formulation.


Quinacridone Magenta offers very good lightfastness in most media, but some have argued that it is less lightfast in watercolor form. Although Quinacridone Magenta received only a passing grade of "fair" under ASTM test protocols, other test results have rated the pigment very good to excellent. Transparent reddish violet pigments in general have more problems with lightfastness than any other range of colors. PR122 is often used as the Magenta of CMYK (four color) process printing because it offers a better tradeoff between tinting strength and lightfastness than other pigments in its class.


Quinacridone Magenta has no acute hazards. Overexposure to quinacridone pigments may cause skin irritation. Quinicridone pigments contain a compound found to be a skin, eye, and respiratory irritant.


Quinacridone Magenta came from a red violet aniline dye that was first produced in 1858 by Natanson. It was called Magenta to commemorate a battle in Magenta, Italy. Over time, Magenta became the standard color name for a deep, violet red. Although quinacridone compounds became known in the late 19th century, methods of manufacturing so as to make them practical for use as commercial pigments did not begin until the 1950s. PR122 has become particularly popular in the formulation of Magenta for CMYK process printing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Blair Diamond

I've been dabbing this in flower paintings since I received it. Absolutely gorgeous for a hit of deep color.

Elise Aabakken
Perfect primary!

Wow! Quinacridone magenta is a classic choice for a primary mixing color and this is a beauty! Perfect on its own, pigmented and amazing mixing color with blues and yellows. It is quite a sticky color and since Lindsey is so generous with her pans, I had some paint stuck on the wrapper when unpacking them, apparently this can be avoided if you put the pans in the freezer, so as to not waste any paint, I just scraped it off and used it from the piece of paper, so not an issue, just a tip :) And the stickyness makes it so easy to rewet and use! A staple color!

Andrea S

This magenta is AMAZING! The perfect color for my primary trio, it makes amazing mixes (it and Prussian blue are a current favorite!) and is stunning on its own. It is creamy in the pan and flows beautifully on paper!


I had purchased a travel size version of this color and I just may need to get a pan of it because this color is stunning! Highly pigmented and you get a variety of ranges. Mix with cobalt teal and you get a stunning purple. Love this color.