About Artistic Isle

I was born to make paint. From the time I was 6 years old, I knew I loved art supplies. At a young age I was fascinated by watercolor and those awesome children’s paint watercolor books. I took extra special care of all my supplies, they were a great sense of pride. That deep sense of love and care for art and supplies is a strong foundation for Artistic Isle.

One will notice the small details, like hand written notes, dot cards and extra love that make Artistic Isle unique.

It is almost as if the paint speaks love to your soul. 

Many say that there is an energy, a calm and even an excitement that seems to come with our paints. Mulled in each drop is a piece of my heart. 

This heart keeps growing and overflowing with joy as new friends discover this ancient tradition of hand making watercolor. 


Why watercolor?

The clean up is a breeze! And OH MY! The color possibilities! The way watercolors, blend, move layer and react to other media is so fun!

The possibilities truly are endless with watercolor.


Where I began:

When I started creating my recipe and doing research for organic preservatives I wanted to be unique. I wanted to make sure I did not use any chemicals.

Through the process I began to realize, I love this. I truly enjoy creating. Knowing I did each step by hand. How much love and joy go into each drop of paint in the pans. How fulfilling it is to know someone will create more joy through art with this.

Where it starts:

The art of handcrafted watercolor begins with a glass muller and a glass slab.

At Artistic Isle each color is mixed until smooth on a glass slab for a minimum of 2-3 hours. From there our colors slow dry or cure till they are hard and ready to ship. This takes several days and sometimes weeks.

Our unique recipe is professional grade and comparable to Daniel Smith and Holbein. Professional grade watercolors are lightfast (meaning they do not fade over time), and  paints will activate quickly with the slightest amount of water. We use the highest quality pigments available and use only USDA organic materials. We do not use cadmium pigments due to hazardous chemicals. 

We do not use any fillers, chalk or otherwise to dilute our paints. Just pure pigment.

Our recipe has been tested over many long hours, it is not a duplication of anything found in a book or online.

Each order is packed by me, (Lindsey) by hand. With lots of love, care and of course extra love. My husband Daniel is amazing at individually packaging sets and individual colors. He is the genius behind how we glue on magnets. Daniel will be creating new wooden palettes for our shop later this year.

I hope to be adding my own handcrafted palettes to the mix later this year as well.

What makes artistic isle unique?

The extra care taken for each package, the calligraphy, the hand written notes, the treats. 

Our humble beginning. Maui Hawaii

Our humble beginning began in Maui Hawaii at Kihei 4th Friday’s October 2015 selling my art, hand painted canvas bags and organic lip balm. Daniel would help me load and unload at this event. Then I moved to the swap meet in Kahului each Saturday selling large paintings.

Over time the business changed and grew as I changed and grew.

While living on Maui, I met two artists that made their own paint from raw earth and other materials. This intrigued me and I began my journey toward paint making. We made a big move in November 2016 that took us to the Savannah, Georgia area.  During my pregnancy I did more research and painted my heart out in watercolor. It was not until December 2017 when the first batches of handcrafted watercolor were sold.

The rest is history. 

When your support small business you support a dream

When you support small business you support a dream.