Oceanic, light teal green metallic, iridescent, chrome

Artistic Isle

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Artistic Isle Paint name: Oceanic, light to medium teal green

Color information handmade watercolor paint:


-non-glitter, non plastic 
- moderate staining 
- Semi-trams parent 
- Lightfastness: Excellent

-possible granulating depending on paper type 

layers well

Pigment used: Mica, PG8

Color shift light pearl to light teal green

great for leaves, and mystical lands.
Great on many colors of paper. 

Handmade with lots of love-

100% USDA organic ingredients
No fillers, no chemicals-

Non toxic


Anti corrosive magnet attached to base of each half pan or full pan 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mel Hitchcock
Beautiful color!

This works very well with my normal colors and really gives that extra pop with the shimmer!

Lois Cox

Love Oceanic, The depth of color is amazing! Thanks so much for all you do!

Margaret Bailey

Great colors

K. K.

This color is just delightful.

Elizabeth Baldwin
Such super cool paints

After seeing a few dozen ads on Instagram, I took the bait and looked at their web site and...wow. The colors are so beautiful- there was a little bit of a learning curve (for me- your mileage may vary) in getting the right opacity on various papers. I love them so much. I will admit I didn’t/don’t understand the “half pan” business but they are about the size of those little rectangular pans in the Windsor and Newton or Van Gogh travel sets. These little pans have magnets on the bottom so you could make your own collection in a metal pencil case or what have you.
I loved the packaging and the instructions to freeze them and the free sample (and the candy!)
I can’t wait to place my next order.