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Cerulean Blue- PB15
Semi Transparent, almost opaque at full pigment strength. Some staining. Wide tonal range for layering. Some granulating affects



also known as:

Bocour Blue, Cyan Blue, Helio Blue, Heliogen Blue, Intense Blue, Monastral Blue, Phthalocyanine Blue, Rembrandt Blue, Thalo Blue, Winsor Blue.

lightfast: very good to excellent 

Phthalo Blues are completely lightfast and stable and are permanent for all paint uses.


Developed by chemists using the trade name Monastral Blue, the organic blue dyestuff now known as Phthalo Blue was presented as a pigment in November 1935 in London. Its discovery was accidental. The dark color was observed in a kettle where a dye was being made from a British dyestuff plant. The demand for such a pigment came from commercial printers who wanted a cyan to replace Prussian Blue.


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**please note although ingredients are  USDA organic— and in most cases pigment is non toxic. These paints have not been tested for consumption— please do not ingest paint- it is not suitable for nourishment. *** Please only use on intended surfaces- paper, bullet journal, water color journals, calligraphy, textiles, wood, art projects, air dry clay. please do not use as body paint.

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Customer Reviews

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Sunny Wolfe
Super high chroma

Uber transparent, re-wets beautifully, a little goes really really far, dispersion is nice, doesn't floculate at all, lives very comfortably in the water. Enough said. Wait, just this, I would (and have) put those up against any of my other brands of high end professional paints all day long. It would win all but the re-wetting. Nobody can argue that goes to M. Graham.

Jeanie Testa
Cerulean Blue

Vibrant gorgeous blue . Mix it with Ultramarine Blue for the perfect sky or any other color for that matter. We'll made glides on smooth

Danielle S.
Amazing paints

These paints are so amazing. I have tried many brands and i think these are my favorite.

Christie Balcomb
Gorgeous blue!

Another stunning color, thank you Lindsey!

Kat Halbert
Handmade watercolor

Vibrant, luxurious, paints like a dream.
Timely and FRIENDLY service.
Seriously, the texture of this paint is really lovely!
I keep buying!