Aloha Kai, Sky blue to gold metallic, iridescent, chrome

Artistic Isle

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Artistic Isle Paint name:

Aloha Kai (love of the sea in Hawaiian),

color shift, blue, light blue, gold

Color information handmade watercolor paint:


-non-glitter, non plastic 
- moderate staining 
- Semi-trams parent 
- Lightfastness: Excellent

Pigment used: Mica, PG8, PB15

Color shift light pearl to light teal green

great for leaves, and mystical lands.
Great on many colors of paper. 

Handmade with lots of love-

100% USDA organic ingredients
No fillers, no chemicals-

Non toxic


Anti corrosive magnet attached to base of each half pan or full pan 

Customer Reviews

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Melissa Schuler
Beautiful color!

Aloha Kai is an unique and beautiful addition to my palette and I’m so glad I purchased. I’m especially happy I bought from Artistic Isle who is a kind and generous seller.

Just Maryann...
Awesome shade of blue...

Loving this color mix! Haven't tried it out yet but the sample and the colors in the pan make for a highly anticipated future work of art! (Fingers crossed!) Great shade of blue!

ALOHA to Aloha kai

Kai means ocean. BUT that's not the point. Or is it?
One of the best colors and I can't stop using it. I love it. Pick this baby up!

Dawn F
Aloha Kai my heart

I honestly bought several paints thinking Wolfsbane would be my fav. And I do love it, but I used Aloha Kai for a special project and it completely stole my heart!!! Such a beautiful and versatile color. And all the Artistic Isle paints I've used are just fantastic quality paints!

Andrea S
Simply stunning!

Stunning really is the only word to describe this color shift paint! Seeing it change from blue to gold before your eyes as the light hits it is so so cool.