What to paint? Artistic Isle Paint Application

The creative possibilities are ENDLESS!

What shall I paint on with my Artistic Isle paints?

Did you know you can paint on nearly any surface?

Many wood worker friends have tried our paints and love our colors. 

Like Chelsea at wearcgdesigns.com

She hand paints her wood art and wearable jewelry with Artistic Isle watercolors!

One wonderful friend in the United Kingdom paints on silk garments for lovely parties at Versailles

Many other friends like Marisa at marisamade.com use our products for calligraphy and card making.

How do I paint on nearly any surface? I thought watercolors were just for paper.

To prime wood or fabric one can use a watercolor ground. You do not have to prime your surface, however some woods such as pine are very thirsty woods and will soak up 10x more water than paper (quite literally). 

Paper and surface matter. I highly recommend professional watercolor paper like arches, Moulin du Roy or Fabriano.

The quality of your paper will help the watercolors truly reveal all they have to offer.