Wanderer Palette, travel watercolor set

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The Wanderer Palette

you will want to take this wherever you go. So weather it’s your morning coffee shop, the park, vacation or even your own back yard. This palette set is perfect. With essential colors like Indian yellow, Prussian blue, indigo and more!

set includes:

✔️zip carry pouch for all your supplies  

✔️Water brush (included a stopper for the reservoir while the brush is disassembled)

✔️Tin, with room to grow 

✔️HB pencil 

✔️accordion journal (140 pound)

✔️9 colors 

3 half pans (Indigo, Perylene Green, Quinacridone Magenta)

6 double quarter pans (twice as deep as a normal travel size approximately half of a half Pan)

Prussian Blue, Grey Starr (a Payne’s Grey), Ignotus are on the left

Indian Yellow, Gold Ocher and

Elder wand (a caramel metallic) are located on the right 

✔️all wells are magnetized with antique corrosive, magnets 

✔️all wells are reusable 

✔️Magnetized watercolor swatch included 

✔️roll of washi tape 

side wells are handmade in the Philippines 🇵🇭 

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