Travel Size, Aloha Kai, color shift metallic

Artistic Isle

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Artistic Isle Paint name:

Aloha Kai (love of the sea in Hawaiian),

color shift, blue, light blue, gold

Color information handmade watercolor paint:


-non-glitter, non plastic 
- moderate staining 
- Semi-trams parent 
- Lightfastness: Excellent

Pigment used: Mica, PG8, PB15

(Travel Size, Photo : possible enlargement to show detail)

1/4 of a half pan (.75x.25in)

Color shift light pearl to light teal green

great for leaves, and mystical lands.
Great on many colors of paper. 

Handmade with lots of love-

100% USDA organic ingredients
No fillers, no chemicals-

Non toxic


Anti corrosive magnet attached to base of each half pan or full pan 

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