Ribbon Palette

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Variety and of pink and purple colors, paint volume full pan or more per well, plastic ribbon shaped palette. Comes with carry pouch, 3 post cards and brush

Possible colors: Bella Rosa, Volt, Inferno, Bella Rosa, Alice, Pizazz, Mad Hatter, Carmine, Naphthol red, Lumos, saffron, Maera, scarlet, caput mortem, viola 

please note the neon colors volt and inferno cracked in the drying process. These colors just need to be re-wet with water- they will paint beautifully but dried aquardly in the plastic palette 

Customer Reviews

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Danielle S.
Amazing as always

I think i may have a slight addiction to buying paints from artistic isle. the pigments are vibrant and they are so pigmented that you need very little and they will last you a long time.

Tara H
Beautiful paints!

What a fun palette, with gorgeous, saturated colors. The paints reset easily, and have been easy and enjoyable to use so far! The plastic of the palette is on the thinner side, which allows it to flex. A couple of the colors had loosened in their wells due to the flex, I think, but easy enough to reattach them with a drop of water.