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Handmade watercolor


Inspiration set 


Set of Half Pan watercolors ONLY**

The set of 5 new colors will come in a tin

Half pans will be magnetized for convenience 

 Colors include:

 💛Indian yellow, PY83, PY1, excellent light fastness

💗Chinese Vermilion :  PY3, semi opaqueness, organic, monoazo, very good lightfastness 

❤️Quinacridone Magenta: PR122, semi transparent, excellent lightfastness

PR122 is often used as the Magenta of CMYK (four color) process printing because it offers a better tradeoff between tinting strength and lightfastness than other pigments in its class.

💚Grass green: PG7, semi transparent, excellent lightfastness.

This green is considered a very good alternative to Viridian because it is intense and mixes well and can be used to emphasize mineral colors in various tints. However, its tinting strength is very high, so it can overpower other colors. This pigment most closely resembles the the toxic Verdigris.

💙Azure Blue- PB15, semi opaque

completely lightfast, excellent for glazing 


Set includes one* blank swatch to fill in, and tin to hold paints 


 Perfect for the travel artist and plein air painting

Travel size is approximately the size of a dime ❤️


 Each order is packaged just for you as a gift-

We want to ensure the highest quality in our products. As well as a wonderful experience for you and your loved ones. Thank you for supporting small business.

Each watercolor half pan has a high powered, rust proof, anti corrosive magnet attached to each pan for your convenience.

**please note although ingredients are  USDA organic— and in most cases pigment is non toxic. These paints have not been tested for consumption— please do not ingest paint- it is not suitable for nourishment. *** Please only use on intended surfaces- paper, bullet journal, water color journals, calligraphy, textiles, wood, art projects, air dry clay. please do not use as body paint.

We want to see your creations!

Tag us @ArtisticIsle.watercolor on Instagram for your chance to have your artwork featured

(Please include Artistic Isle business card & paint pans in your photo)



Please note— art color prints, stickers, pens, brushes are photo props and are not included with this set- 

Those items will need to be purchased separately

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