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The fall fest half Pan set is sure to get you in the mood for fall!

colors include:

Yellow Ocher- a creamy golden ocher (PY43)

semi transparent, slight staining, excellent lightfastness 

Orange Ocher - a rustic deep orange (PY43)

lightfast EXCELLENT, non staining, semi transparent 

Venetian Red- Deep fall ruddy red (PR102)

lightfast EXCELLENT, semi transparent, staining

Forest Green- a lush deep green

lightfast EXCELLENT, staining, opaque 

(PG17, PB11, PR101, PY42)

special edition orange tin INCLUDED*
Fall Fest - swatch included

all pans magnetized with premium quality, powerful, anti rust, anti corrosive magnets to keep your pans secure during painting and travel.

non toxic paints- Use of all natural ingredients-

no chemicals, fillers or extenders used  


PRE ORDER!! Will begin shipping November 8 

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