Artistic verve Set, verve

Artistic Isle

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Ferrite Yellow

Manganese Violet

Cobalt free** teal

Graphite Grey

Vine Black


Set includes blank swatch to fill in, printed on 140 pound watercolor paper.


🎨 watercolor brush (size will vary)

🎨 Statedler Watercolor colored Pencil

🎨1-Tombow secondary color (assorted) dual brush pen 

🎨 1 metallic gel pens blue or silver

🎨 lemon heads candy 

🎨 Print Post card (paintable) Art by Jessie Webb 

March artist of the month 

🎨5x5 swatch grid

🎨artist tiles x2

🎨watercolor sheet 4x4

🎨 Hand stamped supply zip pouch

(Please specify if messages if you prefer mandala only or if you would like the whale 🐳 on top of the mandala- if not specified will receive what’s on hand)

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Beautiful Colors

This adorable palette came with absolutely AMAZING colors. My new favorite color is Cobalt Teal! The colors blend beautifully and honestly I feel like my paintings look infinitely better using Artistic Isle paints