Master calligraphy set

Artistic Isle

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set can be bought as stones only or all accessories, ink bottle wells and more 


Master Calligraphy (entire Set)

20 ceramic calligraphy stone wells, each porcelain well is reused from Japan. Wells are handmade and have been hand poured with Artistic Isle water based paints. 

ceramic large mixing palette or as a desk display 

Wooden slider box for an array of calligraphy pens 

✔️Wooden calligraphy dip pen 

✔️box of “g” sized nibs

✔️Gold washi tape 

✔️handmade watercolor book, bound in a vintage mark Twain book (fabriano, cold pressed professional 140 pound weight paper 100% cotton)

✔️6 calligraphy pens- Karin Art Deco in silver, Pentel brush pen in ocher, zig calligraphy real brush light grey, 3 varying sepia Japanese brush pens

✔️Accent and drawing pens- one gold gel writer for accents or faux calligraphy and 2 zebra technical drawing pens sz .03,.05 

✔️gold eco line ink color 801

✔️ 4 calligraphy wells by artistic isle: Irish gold, deep red gold, ethereal emerald, nova pink 

✔️Ceramic Wave Pen/brush rest 

✔️colors ceramic calligraphy stones 

starlight metallic yellow, Irish gold, ferrite yellow, Phoenix/Naphthol red variant, Carmine, Quinacridone magenta, pastel teal

Tahiti**, Maera**, Bali**,Forest Green, Aruba, Prussian Blue 

Vintage green, Olive, Grass Green, Mint, Graphite Genuine, Deep graphite Grey, Noir-black iorn oxide 

(Each Stones approximate size half dollar, .75 inch high)

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